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Scissor Cut And Style

You will experience precison cutting and styling at its finest from our barbers. Sit back and relax while you get your hair cut.

Short Back And Sides

The never out of fashion crew cut. This is performed by using clippers on the back and sides of your head and scissors on top.

Clipper Cut One Number:

Hair cut using clippers only with only one length number (1, 2, 3) all over.Hair cut using clippers only with only one length number (1, 2, 3) all over.

Clipper Cut Two Numbers

Hair cut using clippers only with two different length numbers (i.e. grade 2 on sides, grade 4 on top) Blended in together for your desired look.

Clipper back and Sides

This Service is for someone who requires a refresher cut between haircuts.The back and sides service allows the barber time to precisely clipper the back and sides to the length that you desire.


This is for people who fancy a total change of style, from long hair to short hair and everything in between . We hold a detailed consultation with you to see what you like and dislike about your hair.

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